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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing

This infograph has some good insights like: “What motivates subscribers to read a company newsletter” and “What makes a successful mailout” straight from the experts mouths. It also reveals how other folk in the industry rank email marketing apps like Mailchimp. To view the full infograph tap on the image below.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market businesses and brands of all sizes, yet marketers are still trying to crack the code and find the best recipe for their email marketing campaigns.

By the way, if you find it, please let me know.

What makes email marketing so interesting—and sometimes frustrating—is that marketers need to consistently change up the strategy to keep up with the changes, whether they be technology or their ever-changing customers.

With that said, the team at GetApp has worked up this infographic to try and help us all craft better email marketing campaigns, and it starts with mobile, as 67% of users use a mobile device to check their email. Another interesting stat here is that 46% of people unsubscribe from emails because they receive too many, so there's definitely a fine line between hitting your target audience at the right time and just plain spamming your customers.

Being a marketer myself, I think the single-most important piece of this infographic is the part about the reply-to address. A lot of people think email marketing campaigns are meant to blast out a message to the masses, but in my experience, the best emails are ones that allow for two-way communication between the sender (brand) and the recipient (customer). If you want your campaign to succeed, axe the do not replys and no replys and use a reply-to address that can not only receive emails, but have the ability to respond—it's about humanizing the brand.

You'll also notice that interest and relevance are huge drivers to the success of an email marketing campaign, which further highlights the importance of adding an automation tool to your marketing suite. Marketing automation platforms allow you to segment users into separate lists based on their interests and engagement with your website, which helps to assure that you're putting relevant content in front of your audience. 

Take a look through the rest of the infographic and start creating better email marketing campaigns.

By: Pete Schauer

Source: Social Media Today



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