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Why social media is mobile marketing: Control Shift

As I read this article Madonna's 80's lyrics 'we're living in a material world' came to mind... albeit with a small variation. New research confirms mobile is now the number one access point for the majority of consumers. Yep, there's no doubt now people: 'we're living in a mobile world'! This article focuses on social media but the overall message can easily be related to all mobile marketing activities like text and email lead generation. As the article points out smartphones are literally involved with 'every single step of the purchasing process'. It would appear mobile is king.  Read More...

Is frequency driving your campaign performance?

In 1994 REM released the seminal track ‘What's the frequency Kenneth?’. Our national youth radio network Triple J thought the song was so good they played it twice in row. How’s that for getting the listener to really take notice of the song?  Read More...

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Marketing (and Why marketers Need to Pay Attention)

Mobile marketing is growing at lightening speed. It’s no wonder as marketers grapple with the fact that people are now spending 38 hours per month on their mobile phones – an increase of 7 hours from just 12 months before.[1]  For home usage alone the average Australian spends 7.9 hours per week on mobile.[2] That’s kind of staggering when you think about how much time we actually spend at home these days in a 5 day work week with commutes, school pickups etc.! Read More...

Eleven Areas Of Consumer Behaviour Every Brand Needs To Know

These easy to digest points on how customers think make engagement look simple. And we reckon it can be, especially when these points are considered and carried out with authenticity and integrity. It's obvious our customers know the difference when we have a genuine interest in whether they are satisfied with our products or communications. We've just got ensure the quality is there in every interaction.  Read More...


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