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Why a Lead Nurture Campaign is Important for Conversion


5 Essential Elements of Emails That Sell

Australian Businesswomen's Network recently surveyed it’s readers of female entrepreneurs and business leaders and that found one of the BIG email marketing issues they were having is finding a way to get their email marketing to actually produce sales results. Read more here… Read More...

12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Campaign Challenges

For marketers, tips to save time, energy and money - without compromising quality - are always handy, especially when they are as good as these ones. There's some juicy stats to back these tips up too... Read More...

The Top 10 Ways to Re-Engage Dead Email Subscribers

Some awesome, simple and practical tips on how to re-engage your inactive subscribers. It really doesn't have to be hard at all. Mostly it's a matter of finding some time to do it. With a potential immediate increase in subscribers (or rather, reengaged readers) it's a far easier and cost effective way to boost your active subscriber numbers. 10 top tip coming your way... Read More...

List Cleanup: How 3M Canada increased open rates by 160%

Here's a great video case study on how 3M cleaned their customer data lists which increased email open rates to a whopping 160% - pretty impressive and a super example to follow. The video also showcases campaigns for other brands that have utilised the value of list cleanups and includes the creative ways they did it. 


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