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Don’t be creepy: how to use customer data without crossing the line

Improve your email click-through rate using these 5 types of social proof (Part 2)

Using social proof in any form of communication with your clients and prospects can be beneficial as we saw last week in part 1 of our this series. But now the question you may be asking is – how can I use it to the best of my advantage? and what should I avoid and what should I spend more time working on? Read More...

10 Tweaks That Instantly Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

In 2014, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in the US with 52.1% of all online traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, according to IBM. Additionally, close to 28% of all online sales came from mobile devices, an increase of 28.2% compared to 2013. Read More...

Mapping Consumer Experience in a Complex Digital World

The style and layout of banners, the text used in emails, the design of your landing page, the relevance of your offering - all these element must work together if a truly engaging digital experience is to be had.  Read More...


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