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List Cleanup: How 3M Canada increased open rates by 160%

Here's a great video case study on how 3M cleaned their customer data lists which increased email open rates to a whopping 160% - pretty impressive and a super example to follow. The video also showcases campaigns for other brands that have utilised the value of list cleanups and includes the creative ways they did it. 

List Cleanup: How 3M Canada increased open rates by 160%

"We really wanted to focus on eliminating those who don’t engage with our communications," explained Laura Mihai, Email Marketing Specialist, 3M Canada, during her session at Email Summit 2014 in Las Vegas.

Although no marketer ever looks forward to slashing a list they’ve built over months and years, there comes a time when subscribers stop engaging and it’s time to start testing the best way to cleanse that list.

The team at 3M Canada had the idea of running a campaign with a contest as an incentive for subscribers to stay on the list and update their contact information. 

Using this campaign, the team trimmed their list by an impressive 64%, ensuring that 3M Canada is in touch with the people who want to be in touch with them. Laura and her team performed a manual yearly list cleanse to eliminate disengaged users.

In this video replay, you will learn:
  • The consequences of poor list hygiene
  • How to run a successful re-engagement campaign
  • When it’s time to start trimming your list

Download the slides to this presentation

Source: MarketingSherpa 



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